Noureen DeWulf [See Her Tonight on ANGER MANAGEMENT]


Noureen DeWulf on Anger Management

(9 pm EST, FX)

Have you heard about this TV show called Anger Management? It stars the reclusive Charlie Sheen. Say what you will about the guy, but he knows how to cast a sitcom. We were so happy to learn the show had gals like Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith that we completely missed that Noureen DeWulf is a regular. This exotic beauty has gotten us managing our manhood ever since she showed up on the scene around 2005. Noureen quickly ran up a resumé of indie films and TV guest spots that had us admiring more than her amazing bod. She had a good run on the TNT nursing drama Hawthorne, and we’re looking forward to seeing her as a bride in the upcoming big-screen comedy The Babymakers. She also cuts an impressive figure on Twitter. Now check out Noureen’s other amazing assets in the pics below–plus video of her lusty lesbian scene from the 2008 comedy Killer Pad!

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