Is Lena Gercke Too Sexy For Germany? [PHOTOS + POLL]


The German Football Association has officially given Lena Gercke a ‘yellow card’ for looking too sexy at the EuroCup 2012. According to the Daily Mail, the wife of German midfielder Sami Khedira has been warned “to keep it classy in terms of her outfit for Thursday match against Italy.” It should come as no surprise that Lena is one fine looking woman, but it’s not as though she’s screaming in the stands wearing lingerie or a bikini. Doesn’t Germany have other people to worry about? Christ, you’ve got Micaela Schaefer strutting her naked a** and t*ts for all of Berlin to see and the German FA is coming down on Lena for wearing a soccer jersey and a hat?

The most absurd thing about this whole Daily Mail claim is that the German FA allegedly came to the decision after “national sports chiefs fear[ed] the model has overshadowed the other wives and girlfriends during the tournament.” Clearly someone needs to show the German FA COED’s post on the Euro 2012 Super Semi-Finals WAGS. Perhaps then they would see that the hot WAGs of Germany are doing just fine on their own. Check out some of the stuff that Lena will absolutely not be able to wear to today’s game below.

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