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Dilshad Vadsaria [See Her Tonight on MELISSA & JOEY]


Dilshad Vadsaria guests on Melissa & Joey

8 pm EST, ABC Family

You know, ABC Family turned into Cinemax so gradually that we barely even noticed. You still might wonder why we’re tuning in to a show that stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. Tonight’s episode also features a guest turn by¬†Dilshad Vadsaria–who first caught our eye on the ABC Family show Greek, where she was a sexy sorority gal who once even kissed a girl. Greek got canceled, so we’re geeking out to see the network keeping Dilshad on our small screen. Now we need to see more of this hot Pakistani gal on the big screen. (Last year’s 30 Minutes or Less couldn’t cash in on Dilshad’s talents.) It’s not just a physical thing with us and Dilshad, though. Check out her Twitter feed to be seriously charmed. We especially liked watching her follow the Eurocup 2012. Hollywood better make its move fast, or they’re going to lose Dilshad to a smart sports network. Now let’s get sporting with a gallery of Dilshad looking delicious–along with that lesbian kiss scene from Greek, because we’re not stupid…

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