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COED Staff Survey: Favorite Summer Songs–With Videos!


Do you have a special summer song? One that makes you laugh, or smile, or puke? Sure, we all do. Some of them are just more embarrassing than others. In fact, we’ve got a pretty good notion that most of the COED staffers did some serious self-censoring before telling us One Special Song that stirs up special memories. Maybe it’s a romantic memory, or just looking back at good times, or even a pathetic display of hipster one-upsmanship by being the first kid on the block to know about a future hit. We’re especially fond of those. Anyway, look back at summers past as we talk about the songs (and watch the videos) that we remember so fondly. And think about how cool this list would be if we were better liars…  [image credit: dj-ms]

COED Writer
J.R. Taylor has spent several years covering all aspects of pop culture for prestigious publications. Well, they were prestigious. Contact me: @google+ @twitter @email @website