The 20 Sexiest Swimmers To Look For In The London Olympic Games [PHOTOS]


If you’ve ever wondered to yourself why swimming will be one of the most-watched events during the London 2012 Olympics, you clearly haven’t taken a good look at the competition. Not only are the Olympic hopefuls you see here extremely fast and sleek, they’re very easy on the eyes. Obviously all the Olympic female swimmers are in impeccable shape but (as men have been saying for decades) there’s so much more to a beautiful woman than just her body. [lead image via Shutterstock]

Unfortunately at the time this article has been published, not all of the individual countries have decided on their final teams (currently, the US is in the middle of their trials). As such, it’s an unfortunate reality that you won’t see all of these girls by the time that the London Olympic Games start. We’re in no rush to say goodbye to them, so take your time going through the gallery below.

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