Obama Sings Bieber and the Best Videos of the Day

What if President Obama teamed up with Justin Bieber? What would that uber-duo be like? Would this dynamic pair top the pop charts? We got this fantasy mashup in our video picks of the day. Yes, everyone’s favorite pres sings, The Beeb’s song, Boyfriend. Along with that, we also have funny cats, stuff exploding, a guy doing a thing, and a shoplifter crying for her mommy.

Open your ears. Wipe your eyes. Eat some yogurt. These are your video picks of the day.

Most Obedient Cat Ever

That damn cat is craaaazy.

Kiwi Lotto Commercial

Before Flight of the Conchords – funny Kiwi Lotto commercials.

Cult of Unicorn

Have you seen my unicorn?

Obama mocks Boston Red Sox for trading Youkilis

Obama shows his baseball wit.

Anderson Silva Blasts Chael Sonnen on Media Call

Don’t piss off a UFC fighter!

Girl Crying For Mom While Arrested for Shoplifting

If you shoplift, don’t cry for mommy.

Mathematically Correct Breakfast

Use math to enjoy breakfast.

A Clip From The Newsroom

You’ll become a fan of this show within 5 minutes of watching this clip. Maybe there’s a new Breaking Bad?

Fun with Ultracapacitors!

Looks like it could do some damage.

Rollin’ Dough – Lafa Taylor – Music Video / Film

Most creative rap song of recent memory.

Dachshund Puppy Versus Crab

Let the Internet sensation begin!

Pop Mash Up Of Every Big Song of the Past Year

Mix it up!

Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

Even Obama loves the Beeb.

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