Lindsay Lohan Puts Gun To Her Head, Goes Topless [15 PHOTOS + POLL]


This super-WTF photoshoot between Lindsay Lohan and Terry Richardson actually scares the absolute sh*t out of me. Why? Because that photo of her pressing a pistol against her temple is a little too real. Obviously the pics of her deep-throating the gun or blowing the smoke out make me feel warm and happy inside, but that photo you see above is flat-out frightening–her face and quivering eye make it seem as if this could actually happen.

If I’m her PR person, I’m on the phone right now spinning the fact that she’s actually a really good actor: “That sadness and regret you see in her eyes while she’s holed-up in a hotel room with creepy photographer? That’s not actually real! She’s ‘acting.’ See? She totes fooled you guys! Plus, she’d never kill herself with a gun. That would remove the possibility of an open-casket funeral.”

BTW for all you readers out there, this just might be a good time to bring back a little poll I like to call “Put Your D*ck In Crazy.”

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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