Kate Upton GQ VIDEO: Just Kate Being Kate

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It’s a good thing that Kate Upton has fun being Kate Upton. She’s so good at it. Just check out what happened when our pals at GQ joined up with Kate and photographer/director Terry Richardson for a day at the Santa Monica Pier. The high concept was for Kate to show off all of her natural skills. Turns out she has a lot–including running in slow motion, working a hula hoop, and getting flung around on an amusement park ride until a strap gives out on her skimpy dress. If there’s going to be a malfunction while you’re on an amusement park ride, then you definitely want it to be a wardrobe malfunction. Especially if you’re sitting next to Kate. And it’s all an invitation to check out GQ‘s amazing cover shoot with Kate in their latest issue–so be sure to enjoy those fantastic photos…

And if you want to enjoy some rare photos of Kate before she became famous, then marvel at the pics below!

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