Janel Parrish [See Her Tonight on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS]


Janel Parrish is still on Pretty Little Liars

(8 pm EST, ABC Family)

If you haven’t been following Pretty Little Liars, then you don’t know about the clique of hot schoolgirls being terrorized by the menace known only as “A.” If you have followed Pretty Little Liars, then you were terrorized when Janel Parrish was revealed to be “A” at the end of last season–because you thought Janel was finished on the show. As it turns out, we’re now three episodes into the new season with Janel still in the cast and sexier than ever! Or maybe we just think girls look really sexy in insane asylums.

Anyway, we’re more interested than ever in this kinky little show. Don’t be fooled just because this airs on ABC Family. Pretty Little Liars is packed full of intrigue and lesbianism and intriguing lesbianism. Also, we’ve still got Janel Parrish, who might have already intrigued you when she starred in the big-screen Bratz movie back in 2007. She’s probably forgotten all about that, but this hot gallery includes wonderful recent pics and some beautiful Bratz shots taken from Janel’s own MySpace page. Remember those? She probably doesn’t…

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