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Jessica Biel’s Bringing Beach Butt Back [22 PHOTOS]


We can get so carried away with our everyday existence that we sometimes forget that Jessica Biel has a beautiful butt. Fortunately, Jessica remembers to take the occasional trip to Puerto Rico. That’s where she appeases the Bikini Gods who need to know that their work is not in vain. Just check out Biel’s perfectly rounded posterior, and think about how bad all the other creatures in Puerto Rico must feel when Jessica’s in town. Fortunately, we believe in the right kind of wild life preservation here at COED. Check out a few new pics of Jessica on the beach, and then enjoy a look back at all the other times that Jessica has given the tide a good reason to rush to the shore. And don’t forget to visit the fine folks at TMZ for more of Jessica’s Puerto Rican parading…

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