10 Great Stripper Quotes–And The Man Who Collects Them!

Mike South didn’t start out wanting to own a strip club. All he wanted to do was prove that a guy could become a big-time adult-film agent while working out of Atlanta. He might have given up if someone hadn’t told him he couldn’t do it. “Mark Kernes at Adult Video News is probably the most responsible for my success,” South laughs from his office. “He told me I could never be successful without moving to L.A. Two years later, my films had won two AVN awards.”

That’s typical of South. The only thing he likes better than being right is proving other folk’s wrong. That’s how he’s become an outspoken adult-biz legend. MikeSouth.com is one of the best sites for getting the real story behind the adult industry. It’s also become a place for South to vent about the past couple of years he’s spent as the co-owner of an Ohio strip club. He’s joined up with partner Tim Case to publish the e-book Stripper Quotes–and Other Stories from the Sex Industry. “If you read my site,” says the typically honest South, “then you don’t have to buy the book.” It’s still a fun way to catch up with South’s wise insights and hot gossip. You also get to enjoy those quotes from strippers. “I’m just trying to entertain myself,” says South, and he’s jotted down some great lines from hot dancers. Enjoy our ten favorites, and then check out more of the Southern experience…

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