Sheila Shaw and Kat Babcock At The Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Tournament In Belmar, NJ [INTERVIEW]

No offense to Mark or Jess, but these two were by far my favorite to interview. They might not be as famous as Jess Gysin or Cristal Engle yet but I see that changing as the sport becomes more and more popular. While they didn’t make it to the last day of the tournament, Sheila and Kat actually won the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Shootout on Bradford Beach in Milwaukee last year. Do yourself a favor and check out this Midwestern duo in the upcoming Chicago stop of the Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series on July 13th-15. There’s something to be said for women who stick together when the going gets tough.

COED: So you guys have been playing together as a team for a good amount of time.

Kat: This is our second season together.

Does that happen a lot in beach volleyball? I feel like there’s a lot of switching partners.

KB: Quite a bit. You know?

Shelia: On the men’s side there’s a lot of switching too. I guess it depends on the player.

KB: Some players are kind of notorious for always switching. Other players want stability, like us.

SS: They want to work towards something.

So why do you think it is that you guys work so well together?

KB: We just have fun together. We have fun with the game and we love to compete

SS: We like working through the low points, too. And then come out on top.

Do you guys hang out outside of the beach volleyball arena?

SS: Absolutely.

KB: Of course!

SS: She’s my bestie!

Who’s the more outgoing between the two of you?

KB: Shelia is definitely the more outgoing one.

SS: I think in a social scene, yes. I get a little wild.

I saw your Twitter feed and you only have like 50 followers. What’s up with that?

SS: I don’t even understand it hahaha. I’m just a little Wisconsin girl!

You went to Wisco right? How crazy does it get there? I have a coworker who won’t stop talking about it.

Yeah. I mean we’re the #1 party school in the nation. Actually, I don’t know if we still are but definitely in our hearts. When I was there, though, we were def #1 and it was a little insane. I don’t know how to explain that.

Are there any of your guys favorite beaches to play on?

KB: Well Chicago’s gotta be close to our hearts. That’s where I live and you know, we’re midwest.

Are you guys gonna be hometown heros for the next event?

KB: Hopefully, that’s the plan! It’s the best city ever.

And how about you Sheila, what’s your favorite beach to play on?

SS: Probably Bradford beach in Milwaukee.

KB: He’s like, “where is that?”


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