Whale Tail, Rock Out, Kick Start [DRINKS OF THE WEEK]

If you like your vodka from Russia, Bourbon from Kentucky, and Whisky from Canada not only are you most defiantly a connoisseur of spirits, but this week you’re certainly in luck as we take a close look at Beluga Noble Vodka, Crown Royal XR Whisky, and Town Branch Bourbon. Make sure to check out our full reviews and delicious drink recipes below… cheers!

Beluga Noble Vodka

Produced utilizing state-of-the-art equipment from Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic at one of Russia’s leading alcohol production facilities – the Mariinsky Distillery, which was founded in 1900, Beluga Noble Vodka is a unique spirit which is produced utilizing Siberia’s purest artesian spring water as well as honey, oat extract, sugar syrup, vanilla, and milk thistle extract. These natural ingredients undergo a triple distillation process before the vodka is allowed to mature for thirty days. This extended maturation process is said to make the vodka taste even more intense and delicate at the same time.

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: 30 days
Flavors: Neutral
TasteB+ (Very Good)
Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)
Buzz Factor: B+ ( Very Good)
Price$25 – $30 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Beluga Noble VodkaB+ (Highly Recommended) If you’re looking to give your home bar some much needed class, Beluga Noble is a fine choice in our opinion. It’s has a silently smooth taste and mixes quite well. During our review process it was frequently compared to ABSOLUT and Ketel One vodkas. If you fancy yourself a vodka-phile you’ll definitely want to give this vodka a whirl!

MIX IT UP WITH“Whale Tail”

Ingredients:  3 oz Beluga Noble Vodka, 1.5 oz Blue Curacao liqueur, 1.5 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur, 5 oz orange juice, 5 oz pineapple juice.

Directions:  Combine ingredients in a glass. Let it layer out, or mix it to get a stunning green effect.

Crown Royal XR

This bottling marks the second XR “extra rare” whisky for Crown Royal after releasing the original, crafted from the Waterloo Distillery, in 2006. As part of this on-going series, each Crown Royal XR blend is created from a batch of rare whiskies and will only be available for a limited time. Earlier this week we got the distinct privileged to take a few swills ourselves!

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: Blended
Flavors: Vanilla, molasses, cinnamon and rye
Taste: A+ (Outstanding)
Mix-ability: N/A (mixing XR is a sin!)
Buzz Factor: A+ (Outstanding)
Price$129.99 USD (750ml) 

Overall: We give Crown Royal XR an A+ (Highly Recommended).  This is absolutely the smoothest whisky we’ve ever tasted! It’s full bodied and tremendously sophisticated. If you ever have the opportunity to try Crown Royal XR for yourself, DO NOT pass it up!

MIX IT UP WITH: “Rock Out”

Ingredients: 3oz Crown Royal XR, 3 large ice cubes, splash of water (optional).

Directions: Load the ice cubes into a short glass, add the Crown XR and a splash of water if desired. Now enjoy!

Town Branch Bourbon

Named after the Town Branch River, which is synonymous with Lexington, Kentucky and produced in the first distillery to be inducted into the Kentucky Distillers Association since 1880, Town Branch Bourbon is intended to bring back part of the history and mystique to the town of Lexington. Earlier this week we put this bourbon to the test and we’re happy to say Lexington should be proud!

Proof: 80 (40% ABV)
Age: N/A
Flavors: Nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon,
TasteB+ (Very Good)
Mix-abilityB+ (Very Good)
Buzz Factor: B (Good)
Price$23 – $28 USD (750ml)

Overall: We give Town Branch Bourbon a B+ (Highly Recommended). It’s not the most outrageous bourbon we’ve ever tasted, but it’s flavors are comforting, almost to be expected from a Kentucky bourbon! It’s mellow enough at 80 proof for sipping if you’re so inclined, but mixing is where this bourbon truly steps up, in our opinion.

MIX IT UP WITH: “Kick Start”

Ingredients: 2 oz Town Branch Bourbon, 1/2 oz green creme de menthe, 3 oz club soda, 1 oz lime juice, 1 tsp sugar.

Directions: Shake everything (except soda) with ice; strain into a highball glass with ice. Fill with soda.

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