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Stephen Curry Drops Dimes During The Samsung Galaxy S III Launch Party [INTERVIEW]


We’re just now getting over our hangover felt at work after the Samsung Galaxy SIII Launch Party on Wednesday night. What else can you expect when you’re partying with the likes of Stephen Curry, A$AP Rocky, Walt Frazier, Ashley Greene, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Skrillex? Before the festivities kicked off, we got to sit down with the Golden State Warriors’ starting PG Stephen Curry and talk to him about topics ranging from the new Galaxy S III, to charity work, to Mark Jackson’s big @ss. Read a small snippet of that conversation or head to the bottom to listen to the full interview.

What’s it like working at an event like this representing Samsung.

This is fun. We’re here for the release of the much-anticipated [Samsung Galaxy S III] and I’ve been playing around with it for about a week testing out all the new features. It’s got a huge screen, camera features, and sharing features. It’s pretty smooth and I think that people are going to like it a lot.

Tell us about some of the charities you’re involved in besides the Ada Jenkins Center.

Big time in something called Thanks USA who raise money for scholarships for active duty personnel in the military and their families. Also, Nothing But Nets. I’m trying to be a champion for their new efforts to raise money for bed nets to prevent Malaria in South Sudan refugee camps. So yeah, it’s a pretty diverse group of charities but we’re all working really hard.

It’s nice to see a role model actually involved in the community. Going back to college for a bit, what was your favorite part about going to Davidson? It’s a pretty small school compared to the bigger basketball programs.

It kind of merges the basketball community inside the school with the rest of the school. For me, I pretty much knew every person that was in my class and the classes around me. 1,700 kids is pretty small so everyone knows something about the other. It made it special when we got to the tournament and we made that huge run to the Elite 8 where pretty much the whole school got to come to Detroit and show off this huge red wave. That’s something that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives and bond us together.

My friend is a huge Georgetown fan and wanted me to make it clear that he definitely remembers that tournament well. Moving on, a big topic of debate is the Heat/Thunder Finals and the referees. I’m curious to know your stance on flopping and how it should be handled.

That’s a difficult one. I used to tell people about Don Nelson who was my coach my rookie year. He didn’t teach flopping but he taught how to sell a call. If you’re taking a charge there are different body contortions, you call yell, you can make sure the ref is looking at the play. He has to make the decision and hopefully for you so you get that call. You can analyze a game for hours and hours and hours and pick and choose what calls should’ve been made.

There’s been a lot of talk about Lebron and KD and who’s getting what calls. Obviously they’ve got the ball in their hands a majority of the time so there are plenty of things they have to look at. If they don’t get the calls, that’s just the nature of the game.

How tough is it to run into a guy like Lebron James?

He’s huge. I took a charge from him my second year in the league and he was coming fullsteam from half-court. I was just outside the charge line so I got the call, but obviously I didn’t want to take the charge. I knew it was going to hurt, and it did, but it’s something I’m proud of. Coach was happy with me.

OK, got a few questions we’d like a quick response on. First off, East Coast or West Coast?

West Coast.

Pass or shoot?


Best dressed Warrior?

Probably Richard Jefferson.

I saw Derek Lee’s Instagram photo wearing that Westbrook polo. I thought for sure you would say that.

No, that ruined it for him.


The real guest of honor at the party was the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Party-goers were issued demo-models to use for ordering everything from drinks to dessert. Some of its best new features include:

•      Short cuts and simple gestures to make calls and send text messages

•      Unparalleled capabilities of Galaxy S III’s 8 megapixel camera

•      Snap and share event photos with a group of friends with Galaxy S III’s ShareShot feature

•      Uncover Samsung Share-to-Go which allows customers to download content directly to their device with a simple tap of their phone to the smart board or kiosk.

To get your copy of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, simply click on the photo of A$AP Rocky below. He wants you to have one.

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