The 27 Sexiest International Sportscasters of 2012 [PHOTOS]

You know what’s exciting about watching international sporting events? The international sports reporting babes! We’ve got plenty of appreciation for American lady sportscasters, but there’s something even more amazing about hot babes covering sports in sexy foreign accents. Not that we can think of many unsexy accents. You don’t need to hear their voices, anyway. Just check out these amazing galleries, as we present a wide range of incredible international beauties covering the wide world of sports. It’s the thrill of vixens and the agony of knowing they’re somewhere over an ocean!

Charlotte Jackson

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

Nobody can say that Charlotte Jackson made it on just her looks–although she’s sure a favorite with United Kingdom sports fans. This British babe grew up playing lacrosse, and worked her way from humble sports websites to a regular role on Setanta Sports News. Then she survived that station’s demise to move on to the Sky network–where Charlotte’s hot looks and passion for sports has made her a dream date as “All Action” Jackson!  [ON TWITTER]

Andrea Kaiser

Sports Channel DSF, Germany

Hot blonde sportscaster Andrea Kaiser doesn’t mind mixing business with pleasure. She’s been dating legendary soccer midfielder Lars Ricken for a while. There’s no conflict of interest, though. Ricken’s retired, and Kaiser was watching him play on the field back when she was a teen. Now she’s the favorite fantasy of footballers all across Europe–and we’d love to see more of her in America!

Anna Kraft

Sky Deutschland, Germany

A lot of soccer fans want to learn Germany after getting a look at Anna Kraft on the Sky Sports Network’s German outlet. This striking blonde is often hitting the field herself when she isn’t on-camera and distracting even the most fanatical footballer from the big game! [ON TWITTER]

Marisol Gonzalez

Televisa Deportes, Mexico

People didn’t know that a Mexican sports station covers the NFL until Marisol Gonzalez showed up on the sidelines. Now football fans can’t get enough of the former Miss Universe contestant. She’s also fooled around with acting on Mexican television, but Marisa keeps the sports fans tuning into Televisa Deportes–whether or not they speak Spanish! [ON TWITTER]

Georgie Thompson

Sky Sports F1, United Kingdom

Georgie Thompson is one of the UK’s favorite faces of sports, and the petite gal became a proper celebrity during her long romance with popular (and short) comic Declan Donnelly. Now she’s currently concentrating on Formula One sports for the Sky empire. Georgie’s not a fan of Facebook, but she loves Twitter so much that she’s co-written a novel about Twittering gal pals called  The Twitter Diaries–and here she is on it… [ON TWITTER]

Ebrü Gursoy

LIG TV, Turkey

This statuesque beauty is a model and actress, but Turkish soccer fans adore Ebrü Gursoy as the striking beauty who anchors the LIG soccer coverage–but the modeling is pretty nice, too. [ON TWITTER]

Diana Dougherty

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

She grew up playing golf, so Diana Dougherty was a real find as both a babe and a sports fan when she signed on for the first Sky Sports program dedicated to the game. That was back when she was Di Stewart–and, sadly, she changed her name after marrying pro golfer Nick Dougherty in 2010. Now she’s on track to become a magnificent MILF by the end of this summer. [ON TWITTER]

Laura Esposto

Milan Channel, Italy

How sexy is Laura Esposto? She spent a few years modeling in Los Angeles, and was hot enough to make a Carl’s Jr. commercial–which makes her a burger beauty alongside Kate Upton. Sadly, we lost Laura to her homeland back in 2005, when she began to cover soccer for both Sky Italia and the dedicated channel of the A.C. Milan team. She’s continued to do that double duty over the years, giving lucky Italian fans a regular double-dose of Laura. [ON TWITTER]

Kate Abdo

Sky Deutschland, Germany

Sports fans first loved her as Kate Giles on CNN International, but that was before Kate took a married name and moved on to cover all kinds of sports at Sky Deutschland. Brits didn’t really lose Kate, though, and lots of Londoners are thrilled that she’s still anchoring the World Sport program out of their city twice a day.

Jessica Kastrop

Sky Deutschland, Germany

She became a Youtube sensation after getting beaned by a soccer ball, but Jessica Kastrop has always been a real knockout herself. That’s why she moved out of covering sports for newspapers and found herself on camera for Sky Sports in Germany. She still loves soccer, but other men follow Jessica as a real guy’s guy when it comes to covering poker.

Rachel Wyse

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

Irish beauty Rachel Wyse started out with her own lifestyle show in Dublin. Then she put some style into the lives of sports fans by covering horse racing and auto racing. The fame kept coming fast and furious, and Rachel was soon working for the Sky Sports empire as the hottest horse reporter around [ON TWITTER]

Ana Cobos

CLMTV, Spain

It’s not easy following Spanish soccer when you’ve got a gal like Ana Cobos anchoring the coverage. She’s a serious sportscaster, but any lusty Spaniard will tell you how serious his countrymen are about Ana’s legs! [ON TWITTER]

Olivia Godfrey

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

London gal Olivia Godfrey went to Los Angeles for a degree in American and Canadian Studies, and returned to her homeland to cover the fashion industry. She was also qualified as a ski instructor, though, and joined Sky Sports as a producer–and you can see why she was soon in front of the cameras!  [ON TWITTER]

Federica Fontana

Broadcast Network Nation, Italy

Italian beauty queen Federica Fontana  still models on the side, but regular guys love her as one of Italy’s sexiest soccer reporters. She’s become a Sunday night tradition during the country’s soccer season, and we’d have her over any night of the week. [ON TWITTER]

Inés Sainz

CNN International, Mexico

Mexican beauty Inés Sainz is a triple threat, covering soccer for both CNN International and a native network while also doing additional boxing coverage for English-language outlets. Inés still finds time to cover every sport possible, and is probably best known for coaxing Terrell Owens out of seclusion when he was hiding from the media in 2008. [ON TWITTER]

Burcu Esmersoy

The NTV Network, Turkey

She only made it to 4th place in the 1997 Miss Turkey competition, but Burcu Esmersoy went on to become one of her country’s #1 news figures. She’s gone from sports reporting to journalism to being a national news anchor–and has also shown up to compete on a Turkish dance competition. That’s the kind of career path that has us hoping to see her on some sporting sidelines again.  [ON TWITTER]


Kirsty Gallacher

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

This Scottish lass started out behind the scenes at Sky Sports, but Kirsty Gallacher soon found herself in front of the cameras. The would-be fashion journalist wasn’t planning on covering sports, though. She soon moved on to other networks as a television personality–but then made sports fans very happy by returning to Sky last year.  [ON TWITTER]

Lara Alvaraz

Telecinco, Spain

By the age of 25, Lara Alvaraz had already made her way through just about every major media outlet n Spain–and finally landed at Telecinco as a regular on their nightly sports program. She’s become a national sensation–and while there’s been gossip about her dating guys who can help her career, remember that Lara had to actually fight her way into covering the sports that she loves. [ON TWITTER]

Lekha Washington

ESS, India

She’s an actress, a sculptor, and a dancer–but Lekha Washington was also ready to do some professional sports coverage when she was offered the chance to report on cricket games for the Indian Premier League. Her smart work on the 2008 opening season surprised a lot of Indian sports fans–and Lekha gained plenty of admirers still hoping she’ll return to the sports biz. [ON TWITTER]

Mieka Buchan

SBS, Australia

It’s not easy to figure out what Mieka Buchan is going to do next, as the awesome Aussie moves from television to radio to suddenly deciding to give up news to concentrate on an acting career. It’s hard to resist the cameras when you’re declared a sex symbol, but Australians still await the day they can get Mieka back to covering the wide world of sports. [ON TWITTER]

Adriana Monsalve

ESPN Desportes, Mexico/USA

You don’t have to be a fan of South American soccer to recognize Adriana Monsalve. She’s done lots of American commercials to capitalize on her worldwide fame. The former pop star is still best known as a sports reporter, and is currently going international with her work for CNN. [ON TWITTER]

Millie Clode

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

She’s moonlighted while hosting some game shows, but Millie Clode has become a real sex symbol as a regular presence on the Sky network. Millie then became even more of a dream gal while jumping right into hosting a televised poker competition on Britain’s Channel 4. [ON TWITTER]

Hayley McQueen

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

She’s the daughter of a soccer player (and commentator), but Hayley McQueen has earned her reputation as a top sportscaster. She’s an award-winning producer, and this Scottish beauty also uses her family connections to volunteer for lots of soccer-related events outside the studio. [ON TWITTER]

Mirella Grisales

Telemundo, Puerto Rico/USA

Petite stunner Mirella Grisales is (obviously) an actress and model–but she’s also a popular presence when it comes to Telemundo’s sports coverage, and has quickly become one of the network’s leading assets.  [ON TWITTER]

Mandira Bedi

ITV, United Kingdom

Mandira Bedi didn’t let being an actress, model, and television presenter keep her from taking on sports coverage for the Indian Premier League. She’s a true cricket fanatic, and continues to win over the fans with her continued Twittering about her favorite sport. [ON TWITTER]

Charlie Webster

Sky Sports News, United Kingdom

She was working as a model when Charlie Webster decided to try out sports reporting in Spain. Her career soon took off, and Charlie ended with ESPN in Asia before finally returning to her homeland to work for Sky News–where she revs up plenty of motors while covering the racing circuit.  [ON TWITTER]

Sara Carbonero

Telecinco, Spain

She’s been called the Sexiest Sportscaster in the World, but Sara Carbonero is also one of the most controversial. She’s been dating soccer star Iker Casillas while covering the matches, and has been accused of distracting her boyfriend from the sidelines–along with doing interviews with him on a seemingly professional basis. Now they’re engaged to be married, so we hope everybody’s happy.

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