14 New And Exclusive Reasons To Vote For Ashley Salazar As Playboy’s Miss Social 2012


We love Ashley Salazar. You love Ashley Salazar. Ashley Salazar loves both of us. That’s why this new photoshoot of her is so amazing–we can share her without fighting or bickering. All she asks in return is that you vote for her right now for Playboy’s Miss Social June 2012. The voting ends today at 12 and it’s pretty pivotal that she gets as many votes as she can quickly. Do we feel particularly jealous about sharing her with Hef? Absolutely not! We love to see our Miss COEDs succeed.

Here’s a little tip. When models win awards and titles (like Ashley did for Miss COED of the Year 2011) they usually celebrate by sharing pretty great photos of themselves. It’s like their way of saying “Thank You.” So what are you waiting for? Get to voting! Click here.

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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