Thailand’s Got A Pair of Talent and the Best Videos of the Day


Let’s salute Thailand. Their rendition of Thailand’s Got Talent stirred up controversy when a contestant stripped off her clothes and painted a canvas with her bare breasts. (Now that’s talent!)  The racy routine drew gasps from the crowd, and prompted a rebuke from the nation’s government who labelled it “very shocking.” Well, you can label it “awesome!” That’s why its one of our videos of the day. Along with that, check out a real-life Christian fight club, a tennis player who kicks a linesman, and a strip club owner who beats up a patron.

These are YOUR videos of the day. Watch them with YOUR eyeballs!

Simple Way to Wear BRIGHT Pink

This girl has the pink-wearing DOWN!

Kevin Nealon for No-Kill Los Angeles

Kevin Nealon wants to talk to you about out of work astronauts and homeless pets.

China News Confuses Rubber Vagina for Special Mushroom

Small village mistakes sex toy for magical mushroom.

Tennis Player Angrily Kicks Linesman in Queens Final

Yeah, I hate those stupid linesmen too! Boos followed.

Thailand’s Got A Pair Of Talent

This contestant has a pair of talent.

The Man of 100 Voices

Man impersonates 100 characters in five minutes. No cuts. Hilarity ensues.

Strip Club Boss Guilty of Beating A Patron

If you’re going to beat up a strip club patron and make him get on his knees and pray to you – make sure it’s not caught on tape!

Christian Fight Club

Fight the way Jesus would have wanted!

Young Ryan Gosling Sings And Dances In Mormon Talent Show

Ryan Gosling dances up a storm with his sister during a 1991 talent show.

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