28 Other Girls You Didn’t Know Were Victoria’s Secret Models


Victoria’s Secret has done a great job for themselves in terms of name recognition. They’re the first brand that comes to mind when a young man talks about women’s underwear, lingerie, or bikinis. Having said that, it’s pretty much impossible to talk about the brand without first thinking of some of the women responsible for wearing their skimpy little numbers. And can you blame us? Women like Giselle, Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, and (most recently) Erin Heatherton have earned the spotlight–or at least a bookmark in our browser.

That doesn’t excuse us from ignoring some of the other models who proudly model Victoria’s Secrets lingerie. There are tons of up-and-comers as well as women who we just haven’t recognized enough. You can’t sit there and honestly tell us that ladies like Ginta Lapina, Jessica Clarke, or Carla Campbell don’t deserve as much of your time as Giselle. That’s why we’ve compiled this pretty awesome list of ladies you might not have even known were Victoria’s Secret models. 

If you’ve ever wondered who that girl was a few years back on the Victoria’s Secret CBS Special or seen an unfamiliar face in one of the VS ads, you’ve come to right the place. Check out 28 Other Girls You Didn’t Know Were Victoria’s Secret Models below… We’re not saying it’s all-inclusive, but we are saying it’s totally f*cking awesome. And you’re welcome.


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Director of Sales and Marketing
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