16 Sexiest Pro Surfer Girls for International Surfing Day 2012 [PHOTOS]

How did you celebrate International Surfing Day? We were going to jump in the COED jet and fly off to Waikiki, but then we got distracted staring at pictures of gorgeous surfer girls. That’s too bad, since we were planning on inviting you along–but we’ll still share these totally awesome pics! We’re talking about a seriously sweet 16 of some of surfing’s finest bodies. Check them out for yourself, as we present a tidal wave of awesome Aussies, beautiful Brazilians, and (of course) some amazing American talent. These proud athletes are showing off their sexiest poses both on and off the water, so get ready to be washed away by a flood of emotions…

Rosy Hodge

Born to Surf In: East London, South Africa   Age: 25

We got a big crush on Rosy Hodge when she rode the waves while starring in Blue Crush 2. The beautiful blonde could’ve passed for a Hollywood starlet, but Rosy didn’t need a stuntwoman to show off some amazing moves. She’s pretty much spent her entire life as the gal to beat in South African surfing competitions. Now we’re thrilled that Rosy’s taking her amazing form worldwide. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Coco Ho

Born to Surf In: Oahu, Hawaii   Age: 21

Coco Ho started off with a bad reputation on the Hawaiian surf circuit. She basically performed a surfing foul on an Australian champ to help out a fellow Hawaiian. That was even more embarrassing for Coco as the daughter of legendary surf champ Michael Ho. But this petite gal recovered nicely, and she’s currently considered the hottest champ out of Hawaii in about 30 years–and her surfing isn’t bad, either. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Laura Enever

Born to Surf In: Sydney, Australia   Age: 20

Australian gal Laura Enever learned to surf on a beach surrounded by some legendary older guys–and they soon had her wiping out the male and female competition. She’s already been a Junior World Champion, and she’s growing up to be an even bigger talent. She credits her ability to treat the surf like a dance partner–and Laura’s getting closer to her dream of dancing like Beyonce[SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Malia Manuel

Born to Surf In: Wailua, Hawaii   Age: 18

She grew up on the islands, and Malia Manuel was already a female U.S. Open Champion before she was 15 years old. That’s given her a lot of time to shake up the surf world with a unique mix of classic style and boogie-board abandon. Malia’s also proud that she’s rocking a hot look that’s 100% Hawaiian.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Catherine Clark

Born to Surf In: Ventura, California   Age: 19

She started hitting the waves when she was four years old, and Catherine Clark has matured into a real champion and one heck of a beauty. This California gal is also just as likely to break out big as a musician than on the boards. She’s a hot hippie gal who’s surfed in the nude and fantasizes about Robert Pattison–and her only flaw seems to be that she loves living off the grid!

Sally Fitzgibbons

Born to Surf In: Nowra, New South Wales, Australia   Age: 21

Sally Fitzgibbons looks like a supermodel, but she’s won over the surf world with some superhuman speed. This Australian gal had a legendary run as a young surfer, and still found time for track and field while also scoring as a soccer star. Sally was briefly sidelined with some injuries as she hit adulthood, but she’s come back strong–and looking gorgeous as ever!  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Anastasia Ashley

Born to Surf In: San Clemente, California   Age: 25

California gal Anastasia Ashley (who actually grew up in Hawaii) is also a proud bathing beauty, and has done some hot pictorials while also providing some hot competition on the surfing circuit. She’s gathered up plenty of sponsorships and already has her eye on the fashion world–but she’s also a real guy’s guy who’s ready to snowboard and says her favorite film is Sin City[SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Maya Gabeira

Born to Surf In: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Age: 25

Adventurous babe Maya Gabeira made her homeland of Brazil proud when she became the biggest female wave rider in surf history while taking on a 45-foot wave in South Africa. She’s also sought out some of Tahiti’s most dangerous waves under the sponsorship of Red Bull. Maya’s now based out of San Diego, and we’re hoping that calmer climate will keep her protecting some of Brazil’s best national treasures.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Alana Blanchard

Born to Surf In: Kauai, Hawaii   Age: 22

Hawaiian girl Alana Blanchard is a proud bikini model, but she also boasts a first-place finish in the 2007 Women’s Pipeline Championships. Hollywood missed a sure thing when they cast Jack Nicholson’s daughter(!) to play her in 2011’s Soul Surfer, but Alana is always out brightening up the beaches of her native Hawaii.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Monyca Byrne-Wickey

Born to Surf In: Maui, Hawaii   Age: 21

This Hawaiian hottie redefined the notion of Maui Wowie–butMonyca Byrne-Wickey has skipped plenty of pro competitions in favor of modeling as one of Earth’s hottest surfers. She’s also spent her career sewing her own swimsuits, so we’re hoping to see Monyca showing off plenty of her own designs.  [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Erica Hosseini

Born to Surf In: Palm Springs, California   Age: 25

She’s taken a few years off, but Erica Hosseini proved she’s still a hot surfer with two strong showings while competing in 2011. There’s plenty to distract her from the waves, though, including plenty of work as a model. This California gal can’t keep away from the waves, though, and runs around enough that she has a website called Where’s Erica? [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Karina Petroni

Born to Surf In: American Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama   Age: 24

She’s a surfer, an activist, and a fashion model–and Karina Petroni is still only 24 years old. It’s been a wild ride for the Panama-born beauty who grew up surfing in Florida. She’s held multiple titles–and sometimes in the same year–but Karina finds the time to mix some serious surfing with plenty of causes close to her heart. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Malia Jones

Born to Surf In: Loma Linda, California   Age: 35

She’s been one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, and Malia Jones also made the Esquire list of America’s 10 Sexiest Athletes. She’s also modeled for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue–and it all began with Malia winning the United States Amateur Surfing Championship as a teenager. This California native moved to Kailua, Hawaii as a child, so she might count her greatest honor as being the current girlfriend of Hawaii Five-0 star Alex O’Loughlin.

Bruna Schmitz

Born to Surf In: Paraná, Brazil   Age: 22

Bruna Schmitz was turned on to surfing in her native Brazil, and joined her first competing surf team at the age of 14. That had her becoming the youngest athlete to ever win a professional competition in her homeland. Bruna has remained a fierce competitor while growing up into a fierce beauty–and managed to model for the 2011 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated while staying in the Top 15 in the ranks of the ASP Women’s World Tour. [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

Christa Alves

Born to Surf In: Perth Amboy, New Jersey   Age: 23

She’s one of the few Florida gals to make a big splash on the surf circuit, but Christa Alves is also just as happy to show off her beautiful bod. The Cocoa Beach cutie (and New Jersey native) doesn’t let being a multiple National Champion keep her from pursuing her real dream of being a model–and she’s obviously got the skills to succeed!

Sage Erickson

Born to Surf In: Ojai, California   Age: 21

She started out as a California girl, but Sage Erickson moved to Oahu, Hawaii as a young gal–and found an abandoned surfboard that changed her life. She’s an eight-time winner of the NSSA Western Championships, but sponsors mainly love Sage for her bubbly personality–and she’s got a bod that brings in the guys! [SURF ‘ER TWITTER!]

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