Virginie Ledoyen [See Her Tonight in XIII: THE CONSPIRACY]


Virginie Ledoyen intrigues on XIII: The Conspiracy

(8 pm EST, Reelz)

You may not have the patience to sit through all of XIII: The Conspiracy, but that’s okay. The Reelz Channel is simply starting their launch of this French spy miniseries with a marathon showing. You can catch up with all the episodes later–but don’t be surprised if you spend five hours on the couch staring at Virginie Ledoyen. She’s a huge movie star in France, and has also spent her life as one of the country’s most popular models. Amazingly enough, XIII is still America’s first real chance to ogle this beauty. Our country’s film critics will also soon be noticing her in the new French import Farewell, My Queen, which is getting a big push as it hits the indie theaters. Virginie hasn’t been in a hurry to leave her homeland, but watch her tonight to enjoy an international sensation–and the sensation will start as you check out these pics…

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