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Surfing Dogs and the Best Videos of the Day


Surf dogs boom-ba-yay! Surf dogs boom-ba-yay! Surf dogs boom-ba-yay! Know what’s better than a dog on a surfboard? 17 dogs on a surfboard – setting a new World Record. You don’t believe it could happen? Well we got the video as one of our picks of the day. Besides that, feast your eyes on Dutch soccer fans mobbing a reporter, Pee Wee Herman as the voice of Roger Rabbit, and the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship

These are the videos of the day. They’re here for you to watch…WITH YOUR EYES. Enjoy!

Dutch Soccer Fans Troll A TV Reporter Into Submission

If you’re a cute TV reporter, don’t try to file a report when surrounded by hundreds of Dutch football fans.

Surf Dogs Set World Record

17 Surfing Dogs on 1 Surfboard. History is made!

Roger Rabbit Pencil Test Voiced By Pee Wee Herman

What if Pee Wee Herman was the voice of Roger Rabbit? Well, it almost became a reality.

25th Anniversary of the Gif

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the gif, let’s look at a simpler time when computers were bulky and gifs litered your geocities home page.

Best Japanese Commercial of the Year

Watch your foot!

Dog Wants To Play With Penguin

How can this not be a pure formula for Youtube viewing success?

MC Chris – Tasty Face

Nerdcore rapper MC Chris makes a zombie parody of “Call Me Maybe.”

1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship Opening

What ever happened to aerobics championships? Did it die out with the Clinton administration?

The Best Hank from King of the Hill Impression on YouTube

If you close your eyes, you could swear it’s him. If you open your eyes, you could swear it’s him.

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