Kate Upton + GQ Team Up For One Red Hot American Summer [PHOTOS]


Does it matter that a few timely internet leaks yesterday ruined GQ’s “big reveal” for their July 2012 cover model? Not when you’ve got someone like Kate Upton sucking a red, white, and blue popsicle, it doesn’t. And of course who better to shoot the blonde bombshell than Terry Richardson, the luckiest dirty uncle in the world? It only makes sense that Gentleman’s Quarterly would hire an evil genius like Terry for this issue–he’s the only one brilliant enough to come up with images like the one you see above and below. We’re actually a little surprised it wasn’t a hot dog…

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If you’re like us and A) put something on your lap once you saw this photo and B) want to see more of these photos, head to GQ. If you want to see the hot video from the photoshoot, head to GQ. These are both short trips that are well worth it. If you’re in the mood to see some of Terry Richardson’s other work with Kate Upton, you can always peep the “Cat Daddy” photos below. It’s a classic. Just like the American Flag bikini.

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