Top 12 Things Overheard at Summer Camp Music Festival

Summercamp Music Festival was a great time. Even better than the music, were the quotes. Here are some of the Top Quotes of the weekend!

1.”Where’s my tent?”

2. “Where’s The Soulshine Tent?”

3. “Reefer Here!”

4. “Dude, Common Rocked!”

5. “Do you know this girl passed out by the trash?”

6. “Dirty Hippies Everywhere.”

7. “Look! More street art!”

8. “Which one’s the vodka?”

9. “Why do people bring their kids?”

10. “Don’t even try man. She got that stank.”

11. “OMG!! Gigantic Underground Conspiracy is playing!”

12. “Dude Peoria Sucks”

Here are some of the runners up:

  • “Do I look funny? I’m just going to pee here.”
  • “Did you see that naked guy running around?”
  • “We don’t need money. We have acid.”

All in all, SummerCamp was a lot of fun. Great music, food, people and party favors! Can’t wait till next year!

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