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COED Previews Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [PHOTOS, PREVIEW]


When Call of Duty: Black Ops was released in November of 2010, fans of the franchise were drooling with anticipation. Over 25 million copies of the game were sold worldwide and it became one of the top selling games in history. Hot off the heels of the success, developers were quick to get to work on the sequel; coming out this November is COD: Black Ops 2. COED got the opportunity to catch a preview of this highly anticipated title. Lets just say we weren’t disappointed. Here’s our recap, some brand new screenshots, and the trailer for this surely epic game.

Some of the most popular games in the Call of Duty series are the three Modern Warfare titles –  the games are incredible. We are so excited for Black Ops 2…it takes place in the year 2025 and the technology and weapons make the game look like Modern Warfare on steroids. BO2 has an extensive line of new weapons and vehicles, which makes this game feel very fresh and unique to the other COD games. You have the ability to control drone crawlers (pictured below), FA-38 hover planes, quad-roters (mini-helicopters), and more. This is no longer a simple first person shooter game; you are controlling tons of fun new vehicles and mowing down enemies in ways you have never experienced before.

You play as David Mason – the son of Alex Mason from the original Black Ops game. My inner-nerd always appreciates taking the time to connect characters and family members from each game. They also feature fan favorite character “Woods,” who is now much older and wiser and willing to lend a helping hand. Since the year is 2025, everything in the game is highly reliant on technology. The villain, Menendez, hacks into the mainframe taking control of multiple government assets and properties. It reminded me of the plot from Live Free or Die Hard, except with much cooler and intense action and effects.

We got to preview two game modes: the single player campaign and a new game mode called “Strike Force”. The single player campaign looked nothing short of perfect, as we struggled through the streets of a crippled Los Angeles; escorting the president to safety. Drones were everywhere, planes were crashing, and buildings were collapsing. Its hard to say something so tragic was beautiful – but that is all I kept thinking; the developers paid attention to every detail.

The Strike Force mode was amazing as well. It’s different from anything Call of Duty has -included in past games. This mode takes you to a parallel conflict that is happening at the same time as the normal campaign. The outcome affects your storyline as the single player campaign progresses. You can assume control over any member or vehicle that is taking part in the conflict. You can play as a foot soldier, control a drone, or simply oversee the conflict and direct the soldiers through the field of battle.

When this game drops on November 13, expect sales to be through the roof. You’ll miss out if you aren’t one of the fans in line at midnight picking up your copy. If the rest of the game is as incredible as the pieces that we previewed, it will go down as an instant classic. Black Ops 2 truly looks like the complete package with an intriguing storyline, impeccable graphics, and smooth game-play…oh and we were promised the zombies mode will be “bigger and better than ever.” If that doesn’t sell you, then I don’t know what will.

COED Writer