Spring Awakening Festival Rocks Chicago

As I walked up to Soldier Field for Spring Awakening Music Festival, I couldn’t tell if I was hearing boat engines or DJ Womps. Turned out to be Womps, which is ok with me. Held in the wonderful Chicago landmark that is Soldier Field, Spring Awakening was the first all Electronic Dance Music Festival in Chicago. Big names like Diplo, Datsik, Stratus, Wolfgang Gartner, Flux Pavilion, Moby, and AfroJack all headlined Sunday’s lineup.

Just as expected, every DJ threw down like the music was going out of style. With the main stage being in the middle of Soldier Field, it was quite the site to see. People of all ages, gathering for to see some of the best DJ’s music has to offer. After Saturday’s rainstorm, Sunday cooled off quite a bit, and it made for a fantastic close to the festival.

The day started out, and as people kept piling in, the energy was fantastic. A very “bro-step” feel went around as the hip Chicago crowd rocked Raybans, YOLO Hats, bras, and tank tops. But, once the music kicked in, image wasn’t a concern anymore. It was all about the dancing. If you weren’t dancing you were out of place. Diplo threw down one of the best sets I have seen in a long time. After that, local hometown Chicago hero Stratus did the same. Playing to a crowd of about 1000, Stratus showed Chicago that he earned his spot on the main stage.

After Stratus ended his set, it was time to exit the main stage and see what was going on with Datsik on the other stage. Being on a smaller stage, gave more of an opportunity to really rock out in a small spot. People were in close quarters, all dancing their hearts out. As Datsik dropped the bass, time and time again, the crowd jumped and went crazy. When it was over, it was time to see the headliners in Soldier Field.

As the sun started set, the stage lights started to kick in and take an overwhelming effect, you could tell the real fun was about to begin. “Chicago! Are you ready to fucking rock out?”  Flux Pavilion took the stage and rocked a crowd of about 10,000 easy. Dropping songs like “Can’t Stop”, “Bass Cannon”, and “Got to Know” made the crowd go crazy. Coupled with an amazing light show, Flux’s set couldn’t be anything short of epic. Just as Flux was about to step off stage, Moby started to set up his gear. As Flux killed his last song, Moby picked up the mic, “Chicago! Are you ready for Flux Pavilion’s last song?” Of course we were. Flux dropped his hit “Gold Dust”, and with that Moby took over.

Being a very housey, dance techno DJ, Moby surprised not only me, but the whole crowd at Spring Awakening. With some heavy bass, and an awesome light show, Moby showed that DJ’s can evolve with the music that’s happening. His hour set flew by, feeling almost like 20 minutes. Moby showed that he felt the acceptance, standing on the DJ table with outstretched arms as a closing thank you to Chicago.

Just as this was happening, AfroJack was getting ready. Everyone was ready for AfroJack, as he was closing out Spring Awakening. The last DJ to throw down all he had. That is exactly what he did. As literally every person at Spring Awakening entered Soldier Field, space filled up with bodies of people moving, dancing, and having the time of their lives. “CHICAGO! You ready?” The crowd went nuts and a countdown appeared onscreen. 3 minutes. Some more filler music. 30 seconds left. The feeling of the drop was felt throughout the crowd, and just as that countdown hit 0:00, everyone jumped at the same time, and the biggest dance party ever ensued. For a whole hour, AfroJack rocked a crowd of 50,000+.

All in all, Spring Awakening was awesome. Great people, great times, amazing music. Props to React Presents for turning the iconic Soldier Field, into the Biggest Club in Chicago for the weekend. As always, follow me on Twitter, (@Adambrezak) because I will be hitting up Warped Tour next, along with some other really cool stuff!

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