Lindsay Lohan Laid Out In Lingerie For L’Officiel Homme [PHOTOS]

I screwed the pooch big time by not posting these amazing photos of Lindsay Lohan for L’Officiel Homme when I first saw them a few days ago. Does that mean these pics aren’t definitive proof that our girl isn’t back in style? Absolutely not. If you forget for a moment that we all thought she was close to death last Friday, you’ll agree that her Long Point appearance was the beginning of a return to greatness. Now these photos by Olivier Zahm are released and everyone’s acting all surprised. Not us.

The reason that I didn’t post these earlier was because I mistook them for the Terry Richardson “Chateau Marmont” pictures. I guess I’m not such a creeper/expert on LiLo as I had originally thought. Below you’ll find the new awesomeness in question. Apologies again.

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