Kate Upton Sizzles On GQ’s Fourth of July Issue Cover [PHOTOS]

It’s been a somewhat mild summer so far but all that’s likely to change once GQ’s Fourth of July issue comes out. Is there any doubt that Kate Upton is the perfect person to put on the summer issue? I mean, she’s sucking a f*cking popsicle while busting out of a American flag bikini. If that doesn’t scream ‘Merica, I don’t know what else does. We can promise you that as soon as the actual images hit the internet, we’ll be one of the first to post ’em.

BTW, what’s so controversial about sexy models posing in American flag bikinis? They’re not meant to be disrespectful, it’s just another form of Americana. Speaking of bikinis, check out the leaked Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue twitpics of Kate Upton below.

Updated: We had to take down the cover in question, but we’ve been promised a hi-res version of it tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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