Birdcalling Interviewbomber Steals The US Open From Webb Simpson [VIDEO]

If you worked at COED and one of your coworkers had some dirt on the d*uche who won the US Open, wouldn’t you be mad if she didn’t spill the beans on at least one funny story about the guy? The only thing that would make me madder is if she also knew the genius who was “arrested” for making birdcalls. This guy has to be an absolute frat-star (I use the present tense intentionally) so I know that one of our readers knows this guy. If anyone feels like being cooler than a CollegeCandy editor, feel free to drop us some keg-related stories of the man henceforth known as “Birdman.”

Update: Apparently this guy is British!? I don’t just say that because he’s wearing a Union Jack — someone on the internet said so. Also, apparently he’s a dad?

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