Andy Dick Is… Well, A D*ck [15 PHOTOS]

No, that’s not a surprising discovery we’ve just made but after seeing this new photo of him crashing a house party, I thought it was a poignant “news” story to cover today. Originally posted on Reddit, the poster had this little gem of a story to go along with it:

He just walked into my house and sat down. We were all kind of stunned and just rolled with it. He lives up to his name. He stayed for a couple hours, and spent most of the time being a complete dick, flicking off some of my friends, and trying to kiss others. He complained about life, and seemed pretty miserable, though there were definitely hilarious moments. He told us a story about how he broke his ankle a little while ago. He shimmied up a wooden pole on a dare which snapped. We fed him and gave him water and sent him on his way to the bar, but not before stumbling into my bathroom and making a pretty messy attempt at taking a piss with the door opened. He also removed some of the chewed up chicken from his mouth and slammed it onto my table. [source]

Even better is that apparently after Andy left OP’s house, he headed to Darkroom (a club or bar I’m guessing). Then this happened. Like the true internet sleuth that I am, I immediately started looking for more stories of Andy Dick living up to his name. According to Reddit and various other sources, this isn’t the first time that the D-List celebrity has been caught walking into random house parties. We’ve included some candid photos in the gallery below but there are far more undocumented occurrences than there are documented ones.

If you didn’t think that he was a sad SOB before, just click here to read about the time he was responsible for Phil Hartmann’s death.

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