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Lindsay Lohan Found Unconscious In Hotel! It Must Be Friday! [65 PHOTOS]


Time to set your clock as Lindsay Lohan starts the weekend with her favorite hobby of making headlines. Last week, she ran her rented Porsche into a truck, and maybe switched seats with her assistant to cover up that Lindsay was driving. This Friday, Lindsay goes with a simple health scare. Our friends at TMZ (who’ll never take an early summer Friday as long as Lindsay is around) report that the Troubled Young Actress was found unconscious in a seaside hotel in Marina del Rey. Sources are already making excuses about how Lindsay was exhausted from playing Elizabeth Taylor in a made-for-TV movie, and just went to the hotel to get some sleep. The kind of sleep where you can’t be woken up, and people panic and call 911. Lindsay didn’t have to go to the hospital, though. In a perfect world, she would’ve gone to the beach and shot another hot surfing video. Instead, she probably called up her publicist and talked about the paramedics on a first-name basis.

Oh, Lindsay, you crazy kid, blown sideways through life. Will you just leave behind a bright shining trail of sideboobage? If so, well, that’s a pretty damn good legacy. See for yourself…  [image credit: hohouse]

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