Film Critics Collide: THAT’S MY BOY Takes Off, ROCK OF AGES Wants To–Um, Rock


Say what you will about today’s new releases, but they’re sure not films that people can ignore. Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg have been making lots of noise with today’s That’s My Boy, and Rock of Ages has all the magazines fired up with its mix of Tom Cruise and crazy ’80s fashions. Now we just have to see if the public’s been paying attention. Both films seem to be offering nothing but a good time, so it’s a great weekend for escapist entertainment. Did the critics get in the right mood, or did they just want to escape the films? Let’s check out some differing opinions…

That’s My Boy [trailer]
Starring Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester
Directed by Sean Anders

Last summer’s big Adam Sandler movie was Just Go With It, which was relatively adult fare for America’s favorite man-child. Now he’s pairing up with SNL talent Andy Samberg for a wild turn as a bad dad who’s spent his life as a reality-show whore. Sandler’s character knocked up his teacher, did a very bad job of being a single parent, and now steps in to screw up his adult child’s weddings. Hijinks ensue, as the hipsters like to say–but just how hip is this comedy? Sandler can at least start his weekend with one good review from a surprising source, but another critic disagrees…

Funny & Smart! Owen Gleiberman @ Entertainment Weekly

That’s Just Childish ! Michael O’Sullivan @ Washington Post

image bug via astudio / shutterstock

Rock of Ages [trailer]
Starring Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta
Directed by Sean Anders

It’s a hit Broadway musical, but how will the campy ’80s rock spectacle play on the big screen? Well, at least there’s the curiosity factor of Tom Cruise singing power ballads–and maybe it’ll be really funny to watch a parade of hysterical ’80s hard-rock costumes in this old-fashioned tale of crazy kids trying to make it big in showbiz. Tell you one thing, though–much like hair metal itself, Rock of Ages is certainly dividing people. Check out these critics as they beg to differ..

#1 With A Bullet! Peter Paras @ E! Online

More Tired Than A Mullet! Liam Lacey @ Globe and Mail

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