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Natalie Krill [See Her Tonight on SUITS]


Natalie Krill dresses up Suits

(10 pm EST, USA Network)

Tonight’s season premiere of Suits doesn’t have the buzz of the new season of USA’s Burn Notice, but it does have Natalie Krill–which puts our suits on notice that our zippers are about to start burning. This Canadian cutie started her career by stealing scenes in the little-known hockey soap opera M.V.P. Her career didn’t take off, though, and Natalie’s mainly bounced around in Canadian productions and shot-in-Canada cable shows. We’re hoping for a recurring role as Natalie shows up tonight in the character of Sarah Hardman–who’s probably part of the Hardman family that owns the law firm where Suits‘ main characters work. Bring on the nepotism and hire Natalie in a permanent position. And, yes, we do have a few positions in mind. Especially since Natalie started out as a dancer, as you can tell by checking out these hot pics that’ll have you doing the opposite of suiting up…  [image credit: toromagazine]

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