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Caged Justin Bieber Fans Camp Out In NYC [PHOTOS]


Like a teenaged FEMA Camp of female fan adulation, hundreds of screaming Justin Bieber supporters camped out behind police barriers in anticipation of the pop idol’s  June 15th appearance on the Today Show. The gauntlet of young girls (and a few identity-confused dudes) stretched around the corner down 5th Ave. In the blaze of the summer sun, patient moms accompanied the fan-frenzied girls, as a few irate dads confronted security guards. (“You don’t talk to my daughter that way!”)

With less than 24 hours before taping, giddy girls passed the time by waving signs at passing traffic (“Honk if you love Bieber!”)

“Are you interviewing people?” a teen from New Jersey asked me as I snapped away.

“Not really, I’m just taking photos.”

“Do you want to interview me?” she said.

(Pause.) “Okay.” (Pause.) “How long have you been waiting here?”

“Since this morning. This is the third time I’ve done it.”

(Pause.) “Does it get kind of boring?”

“Kind of.”

(Pause.) “Okay. Thanks.”

Feeling creepy hanging around  a little too long, I departed down 5th Ave, leaving behind a joyous clan of caged girls. If you missed out on the NYC Bieber-Fever check out our gallery below.

  • COED Writer