Rihanna Naked in Times Square: New Yorkers Respond!


Guess who’s nude in Times Square! No, it’s not us–this time. It’s popular songstress Rihanna, who stripped down to beautify Broadway with some sexy billboards for her new perfume. You actually get two different billboards of her naked, plus a third giant square billboard that’s just a shot of her pretty face. Rihanna looks amazing enough that even jaded New Yorkers are taking a big interest in her towering nakedness. And that’s after she’s already spent a day wandering around Manhattan in a very revealing outfit!

But, as you might have heard, New Yorkers can have differing opinions about things. We staked out the sidewalk across the street from Rihanna’s billboards, and asked passersby what they thought of Rihanna showing off her impressive bod along the Manhattan skyline. . (That was after we did some research by staring at the billboards for about an hour.) Check out some of our favorite responses, and then hop in a plane to Times Square and see the billboards for yourself. You can’t sleep in our offices, though. That’s reserved for our interns.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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