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How To Score With Ladies Using Free Meditation


You’re broke – but still love the titillation of being in close proximity to babes wearing practically nothing. What’s a guy to do? Where is he to go? Solution: There are free group meditation centers in every large city. That’s right, for no money down you can sit knee-to-knee with young flexible babes, with their eyes closed –  wearing spandex. (Hopefully!) In turn, these mediation babes will think you’re a thoughtful, sensitive man. (A perfect pickup ploy.) If you can breathe you can meditate.

Feel better, live longer, and amp up your sex drive. Meditation stimulates the brain like you have just gotten laid.  It’s time to meditate. Be prepared for group meditation by following these few basic rules.

  • COED Writer
    Tony DuShane is the author of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk (Soft Skull Press 2010). He lives in San Francisco and enjoys long walks in his walk-in closet.