An Alternate Interpretation To The Opening PROMETHEUS Scene [SPOILERS!]

Like a bunch of people this weekend, I forked out the $42 to bring my girlfriend to the 3D showing of Prometheus. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Reviews have been fairly mixed, but that’s probably because the audience went in expecting to see something. Truthfully I haven’t seen any of the Aliens series (except for the sh*t new ones) but I intentionally stayed away from all the previews because I knew that Ridley Scott’s new film would propose a lot of interesting thoughts and questions.


Right from the gun, we’re shown the Engineer drinking the “black goo” and falling into the waterfall. But why is he doing that? What did he hope to accomplish? 

I’ve check a lot of boards and forums and the majority of people believe that this sequence involving the break-down of DNA actually takes place on Earth and actually explains how humans began. I disagree. I think the scene takes place on LV-223. So what does he hope to accomplish by ingesting the goo? Ending the Engineers’ plan to destroy the humans.

It’s made pretty clear throughout the movie (at least through the crew) that Engineers planned on bringing the Xenomorphs to Earth to kill us. It’s also made clear to us that they created human life. Did they feel that they made a mistake? Did they want to use us as a test for their new biological weapon? These questions will remain unanswered for now, but what if a lone Engineer disagreed with his species’ decision on moral grounds?

Our DNA is an alleged match to that of Engineers, so emotion is something that must be inherent within their species as well. The captain and crew of Prometheus was not above killing themselves to ensure that lives would be saved, so why couldn’t this particular Engineer feel the same way?

The real basis of my thesis is lies on the evidence that the Xenomorph infection gets out. We see through the holo-vid security footage that they’re running from something and then bear witness to the piles of dead Engineers with holes through their stomaches (you don’t have to have seen the original Alien to know what that’s about). The audience learns that the DNA-altering goo can work through liquid because David puts only a drop of it into Dr. Holloway’s drink. Falling into a river after drinking the whole f*cking bottle of ‘black goo’ seems like a pretty good way to spread an infection throughout a planet.

If this opening scene takes place on LV-223 and is not in fact on Earth, the only question left unanswered is what the hell is that huge ship that’s coming to land on the planet?

Any agreements or disagreements are welcome in the comments sections below.

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