Hitler’s Take On Prometheus + The Other Best Videos Of The Day

Do you know who hates the movie Prometheus more than you? That’s right, Adolph Hitler. He completely loses his shizzle over the plot holes in the latest Ridley Scott movie – and we have the video to prove it. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out a train plowing through snow, some snazzy Finnish disco dance moves, bar tricks you can always win, and Stephen Colbert debating Steve Carell over medical marijuana.

These are YOUR videos of the day. Watch and learn!

10 Bets You Will Never Lose

One of these tricks should win you a free pint at the pub.

Hitler Hates the Movie Prometheus

Do you know what pisses Hitler off about the movie Prometheus? Watch the video and find out…

Hide and seek Toddler POV

Filmmaker Daniel Brace strapped a Go Pro camera on his 2-year-old daughter and then played hide & seek.

Dad Life

Father’s Day is around the corner. Why not rap about it?

Greatest Grappling Match Ever (MMA)

MMA hits a new high with the greatest match of all time.

Cat Fetch

Cat plays dog as it plays catch.

Train plowing through deep snow Arthurs Pass

Nothing can stop this train as it plows through snow. Wicked.

Awesome Finnish Disco Video

One thing Finland does well is non-ironic disco videos. A masterpiece of choreography.

Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell on Medical Marijuana

These comedy giants debate whether “funny pot cigarettes” should be legalized.

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