Rachel Sterling [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]

Rachel Sterling is hot-blooded on True Blood

(9 pm EST, HBO)

It’s a new season of True Blood tonight, and we’re going to be saluting the new cast members and our old favorites soon–but we’ll start with our shorts saluting Rachel Sterling in tonight’s opening episode! The former Pussycat Doll (remember them?) left a big impression on the big screen when she showed up in the 2005 comedy The Wedding Crashers. Rachel has gone on to a sterling career ever since. Now it looks like the exotic beauty will be in at least two episodes of True Blood. (You can learn these things if you follow her on Twitter.) That’s a splashy role for a hot babe whose career would usually be fading at this point–but Rachel keeps showing off new talents and a classic bod that never goes out of style!  [image credit: 1zoom.net]

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