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Lindsay Lohan Car Accident: She’s Okay, And Check Out Her Airbags! (49 Pics!)


It was a shock to learn that Lindsay Lohan was involved in a terrible car wreck earlier today. Well, it was a shock in that no alcohol or drugs seem to be involved, and the crash might not even have been Lindsay’s fault. It was kind of a shock to learn that the actress wrecked her black Porsche on the Pacific Coast Highway. Then we learned that the Porsche might be a rental. That explains how Lindsay can afford to drive a Porsche. You can’t be shocked if you’re a guy who rents a Porsche to Lindsay Lohan, and she ends up in a wreck. Seriously, who didn’t see that coming? Anyway, our friends at TMZ are on top of the breaking news. We’re just glad that Lindsay was wearing a seat belt–and now we’re looking back fondly at how Lindsay keeps her own airbags floating free! Nice try, 18-wheeler, but it’ll take more than a truck to get past these life-saving devices!

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