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Want To Vomit? Check Applebee’s Girl’s Night Out Campaign


Everyone’s favorite crappy restaurant chain, Applebee’s, is reaching out to the divorced MILF community in a condescending social media campaign. The marketing geniuses for Applebee’s have come up with a social media blitz that tells women (via social media) to get off Facebook and Twitter. (Stupid women, all they do is yakkity yak yak on the InterWeb all day.) The goal is to promote Applebee’s as “the number one spot in America for women to enjoy a much needed girls night out – any night of the week.”  Read with me:

Life is better shared. Sometimes life is better shared off-line. A little more face time and a little less Facebook can do the soul some good. Come to reconnect. To share life. To talk without abbreviations (LOL). To actually laugh out loud. To say what ever you want without the fear of your mother-in-law reading your post. Most importantly to hang with your BFF’s, enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks.

Okay, wipe the vomit off your chin. The Ronald McDonald face of their Life Is Better Shared campaign is a zany cocktail-guzzling older aunt known as the Applebee’s Girls Night Out Goddess. (The Goddess tells the ladies to get off the computer and get to Applebee’s to “enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks.”

Move vomiting:

Further vomiting:

I can’t wait for the Applebee’s videos that tell us how dumb women drivers are. Some serious trying-way-too-hard is going on here. The irony: Applebee’s put the campaign together with, Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions, and created a Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube page to promote the “Life is better shared” experience.

Strange. When I did a Google search for “Applebee’s Girls Night Out,” what I found was the video below. Is this the Applebee’s marketing team’s typical “Girl’s Night Out” – dry-humping over some Buffalo wings? Hmmm, I wonder?

COED Writer