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Erica Durance [See Her Tonight on SAVING HOPE]


It’s another summer when American television tries to score a hit with a successful Canadian show. NBC has a good chance with Saving Hope, and not because America needs a show about a ghost doctor wandering a hospital full of dramatic elements. The real big deal is that the show stars Erica Durance as the doctor fiancee of the head surgeon who’s in a coma. He’s the ghost in this soap opera, and we’re not sure we want to watch Erica trying to save the life of a guy who’s planning to take her off the market. Heck, the guy’s already a ghost. Be merciful, pull the plug, and give some other guy a chance. Anyway, Erica should’ve moved on to bigger things after we got a supercrush on her as Lois Lane in Smallville–especially after she put on a Wonder Woman outfit for a guest turn on Harry’s Law. We’re stillĀ  happy to see her back on television in the USA, because now we won’t have to illegally download her show from Canada. Not that we ever would.

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