Craigslist Prank: Will Women Exchange Cheap Rent For Photos of Their Feet?

How hard is it to get random women to send you photos of their feet? It’s easier than you think – and free! All you have to do is post a fake “Roommate Wanted” ad on Craigslist, and ask women if they’ll trade cheap rent for pictures of their feet.

If you’re familiar with COED’S reoccurring feature, Craigslist Roommate Nightmares, you’d know that this wouldn’t be the strangest roommate ad found on the site. Here’s an example of a real-life posting:

I need a single female that would be okay with sharing my bathroom. You have to be okay with being nude using the bathroom becouse it would be hard to hide when its in my bedroom. I’m not looking for sex or a girlfriend, please be over 35yrs. I’m 56. I ENJOY SUCKING D*CK TOO!!!!!!!! MEN ARE WELCOME

The ad reads like a murder mystery novel. At first you think this 56-year old man just likes to see naked girls in the shower, then it twists at the end when he shares his other passion as well. My prank is pretty pale in comparison; I  just want strange women to send me pictures of their feet because they think they’re getting cheap rent in exchange. (Mmmm, feet!)

My ad reads:

$200 Cheap Rent


Hello ladies. The rent is $200 per month. The only catch is I wish to take pictures of your feet ONLY. I don’t care about your body or face, and nothing other than pictures your feet will be modeled. NO SEX is involved.

All I want are 10 pictures of your feet and all you pay for rent is $200 a month for use of a huge apartment.

If you are interested please email me with a photo of your feet. Or tell me about your feet on my voicemail. Non-smokers please. Clean, responsible person wanted.


In the age of recession, the enticement of cheap rent was too good for the ladies: my inbox was soon stuffed with pictures of strange women’s feet:

Potential Roommate Feet #1

Hey there…

I think that I might be interested. Would you be willing to meet for coffee to further discuss? I am a 23 year old female. Size 5. They’re pretty small and petite. I just hope you find my feet suitable.

If my feet aren’t suitable for this damn good offer, its cool:) I hope you find the right person with the right feet

Look forward to hearing from you,


Potential Roommate Feet #2

Hi my name is Jessica!!! I’m 29 years old!!! I work full time at Macy’s!!! My feet are beautiful!!! I get compliments everyday. My feet are my assets! Along with 2 other assets of mine. I’m very serious!!! I would love to schedule a time and date with you and also would love to meet you.  For now, here’s a photo of my feet.

Potential Roommate Feet #3

(This woman didn’t send photos but left a message on my voicemail with details about her feet.)


Potential Roommate Feet #4

i have nice feet. i take good care of myself and others. i work w/ old people.
i love my feet you will too. i am a caregiver work a lot seeking place of peace quiet. no partying environment.
here are pics of my feet.

So, if you ever want strange women to send you random pictures of their feet – that’s how it’s done. What type of Craigslist prank would the COED readers like to see next time? Please comment below and let us know! The reader with the best suggestion will receive a crisp $5 bill * (NOTE: $5 bill subject to availability.)

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