Lost Cat Posters – We Rate Them!

COED would like to salute one of our favorite genres of art: Lost Cat Posters. (Not to be confused with Lost Dog Posters.) We’re familiar with the scenario. A cat goes missing. The owner resorts to creating a poster that trumpets this fact – complete with a photo of the pet taken during happier times. The posters are plastered on telephone poles and in coffee shops. A reward is usually offered.  We gather insights into the relationship between the owner and the pet by reading the details. The owner leaves his or her phone number for strangers to call.

This artistic style of postering has often been imitated. For example, below is a poster my friend, comedian Brendon Walsh, put up all over Austin and Los Angeles – highlighting the fact that he lost his beloved comb. (The one he uses to comb his hair.)

Imitation is the best form of flattery. Let’s all take a COED moment and critique the art of……….LOST CAT POSTERS!!! (Note many exclamation points!)

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