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Slash’s APOCALYPTIC LOVE Album–Live and Complete in HD! [VIDEO]


We were praising his curvy wife earlier this week, but Slash is doing pretty well with his music, too. Nobody was expecting his new Apocalyptic Love album to debut at #4 in the Billboard charts this week. Maybe it helps that he’s got former Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy around, or just that the album is full of shameless hard rock. The record’s doing even better internationally, so it looks like Slash is in for a lucrative summer. A lot of people still don’t know that Youtube has Slash and the band doing the entire album in HD concert footage. It’s a great way to kill a lazy Saturday. It’s also great to see a Guns N’ Roses guy who still matters. The only way Slash could’ve been more on the mark was if he’d called the album Zombie Apocalyptic Love.  [image credit: loudwire]

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