Willa Ford [See Her Tonight on MAGIC CITY]

Willa Ford brings glamor to Magic City

(10 pm EST, STARZ)

We haven’t been paying much attention to Magic City on the STARZ channel. It’s mostly seemed like Mad Men with mobsters. But now they’ve got our attention with Willa Ford showing up in a recurring role. We don’t care about catching up on the plot. We just want to catch up with Willa, who’s had us popping ever since her days as the Bad Girl of Pop. That was back when Willa was trying to be an even sexier version of Britney Spears. Some corporate hassles derailed her music career, but Willa always knows how to catch the eyes of guys. She’s hosted Ultimate Fighter championships, showed up with the Pussycat Dolls, and even suited up for the 2005 Lingerie Bowl during Super Bowl XL. We got our first big-screen view of Willa in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th, and that felt like one happy day. Check out these pics, and you’ll be getting ready for a magical night…  [image credit:  miss-art]

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