EXPENDABLES 2 TV Spot Has Action, Explosions, and Smirking Chuck Norris [VIDEO]

See, there’s a safe, and the contents can’t fall into the wrong hands, but it looks like it has, so Sylvester Stallone calls in his pals and explains, “Track ’em, find ’em, kill ’em.” That’s the plot to Expendables 2. The new TV spot also crams in a lot more action than we’ve seen in the other trailer. We get more of Jean Claude Van Damme looking really cool, plus some fine Chuck Norris moments. You need to see the scene where Chuck nods approvingly after a bunch of guys get mowed down by machine gun fire. It’s like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. A violent one. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bigger role, too–although “In your dreams” is the lamest tough-guy line that he’s ever been given. It’s in response to a lame Terminator gag, too. “Shoot something!” is a pretty good catchphrase, though. Anyway, check it all out and don’t worry about spoilers. We better be getting just what we’re expecting.

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