Cheerleaders Of The MLS [PHOTOS]


It’s a crying shame that Major League Soccer hasn’t caught on as a widely-popular sport. Sure, among the fans there are some diehard supporters–but the rest of the country probably couldn’t name more than three teams. In an effort to remedy this disaster, we’ve concocted a surefire way to get more of you psyched for the soccer season: showing you the hottest cheerleaders in the MLS! Unfortunately, not every team has a cheer squad… yet. [Before anyone from San Jose gets mad, yes we know the Shakers are hot as h*ll, but there aren’t any photos of them.] Check out the babes below and then let us know your favorites!

Chiva Girls [Chivas USA]

FC Dallas Girls [FC Dallas]

Houston Dynamo Girls [Houston Dynamos]

New England Rev Girls [New England Revolution]

Columbus Crewzers [Columbus Crew]

Sadly, the Crewzers were disbanded after 2011. That doesn’t mean that we can’t pay a special tribute to them!

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Director of Sales and Marketing
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