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The #1 Summer Songs of the 21st Century: 2000-2011 (It’s A Young Century) [VIDEO]


Summer’s here, and it’s time for music blaring out of cars with the windows open while the drivers are stopped at red lights. Sometimes there’s even good music blaring out of the cars. Important music, if it’s one of those special songs that end up defining the summer. You know the songs we mean. The kind that you’re sick of hearing by August, but you’ll love how the song takes you back to carefree times when you hear it playing on the speakers that the Martians will set up in the work camps. But how many of those summer hits can you recall right now? Let’s look back at the #1 songs that livened up the summers of the 21st century. Let’s mainly look back while there aren’t too many to remember. We hear this century’s going to keep going on for another 88 years. We’ll probably be sick of it by 2074…

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