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Steven Tyler’s One Million Dollar Car (Chauffeur Not Included)


So you thought those Burger King ads with Steven Tyler were pretty silly, huh? Looks like the money came in handy, as the Aerosmith singer/American Idol judge/fast-food pitchman just got himself a Hennessey Venom GT Spyder. They’re only making five of them this year, and Tyler asked for a custom topless job that required some extra work. The men of Hennessey had to increase the engine power to make up for the added weight of the topless design. We don’t know why taking the top off added weight. We don’t really care. Mostly, we just like talking about topless things while looking at the chauffeur unveil Steven’s new ride. If you actually want to see Steven laughing at us peons, then go here for more pics. And stay out of his way when he’s zooming up to the Burger King drive-in. He’s got a coupon for chicken nuggets! [photo credit:]

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