Naomi Matsuda [See Her Tonight on NEW GIRL]

Naomi Matsuda beautifies New Girl

(9 pm EST, FOX)

It’s the rerun season, which means we’re ready for Naomi Matsuda on tonight’s repeat of New Girl. This amazing Asian beauty surprised us the first time she showed up in tonight’s episode. We recognized her, though. Naomi’s been one of our favorites ever since we saw her in a particularly fine 1999 episode of The X-Files. Then we spotted her on the underrated 2005 HBO series The Comeback. That gave Naomi a second slot in our coveted DVD collection. Hollywood isn’t doing enough with this exotic actress, but we’re not surprised that Naomi remains reliable at playing gorgeous gals. And she’s only on the first part of tonight’s two-part episode, so we’ve added Naomi’s high-kicking highlights reel. Check it out to see more of why we’re such fans…

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